Wild Junket Travel and Adventure Blog Tests Slot Flops on the Beach April 10 2014

Testing Them On the Beach

After a couple of weeks of intensive use on the beach in Croatia and Montenegro. we cannot be happier with the performance. Not only are these slippers as comfortable (if not more) as any other flip-flops, they’re lightweight and easy to carry. There is no obvious difference in weight or bulk when the flip-flops are fully loaded. In addition, the materials used for the strap and sole are sturdy and durable — which makes walking in them comfortable even on wet surfaces.

Although ArchPort® does not claim these shoes to be fully waterproof, we found that our cards were well-protected for the occasional splash or accidental fall-off-the-boat scenario. Slotflops allow you to swim in the sea without constantly worrying about your belongings getting stolen or being ruined by the seawater.

One tip when using these shoes on the beach is to leave them upside down while swimming. Not only they will look more like regular flip-flops, you will not burn your feet when wearing them afterwards. Overall we found these shoes to be extremely well-designed, comfortable and useful for a beach holiday or a casual summer stroll.