Hands and Pocket Free Soutions!


ArchPort® and “Stash Sandals” Background

Matt Potts is the visionary behind the ArchPort® footwear concept; the idea that items can be stored directly in the sole of a shoe, working with its natural shape and form. For the first time, items are also directly accessible without having to remove your footwear.

Matt is also the founder of the ArchPort® brand. The idea originated from the need to carry keys and id to the gym and during athletic activities. Its evolution into new ways to be hands and pockets free will continue to shape the ArchPort® brand; from simple solutions such as the SlotFlop® sandal style, to high-tech uses where ArchPort® is included in footwear with various technologies.

SlotFlop® Sandals

SlotFlop® sandals, ArchPort® Footwear, and the innovations shown on this web site are invented, developed and marketed by SlotFlop® Ventures. The SlotFlop® flip flop is the flagship product of SlotFlop® Ventures. It is the beginning of innovative products that change the way we think about our footwear. We’ve always had pockets in our pants and shirts, but substantial pockets in footwear soles are new, and perfect for times when you are wearing little or no apparel. We would like for you to try our SlotFlops® for a very reasonable price, and to begin thinking of the possibilities.

Our men’s and women’s flip flops are a must have travel or vacation accessory.  They are perfect for vacationing on cruises, going to the beach or hanging out at the hotel pool area or spa jacuzzi and steam room.   


ArchPort® History

ArchPort® athletic shoes, with removable wallet inserts, were introduced in September 2001 and appeared in Maxim magazine one week before 911 - bad timing for a concealed compartment in a shoe. 911 and the events following - including the 2002 Richard Reid shoe bombing - slowed things down for awhile. While celebrities like Black Eyed Pea’s Alan Pineda and Train’s Jimmy Stafford picked them up in 2004 (among others), retailers were asked to account for products on their shelves, and orders slowed. For some time, the brand earned little recognition outside of celebrity notoriety.

In 2006-7, two companies launched “stash” sandals. A very large company recalled its products after they were sued for patent infringement (under US Patent 6,094,844). The most recent design patent (Patent No. D 699,930) is seen in the SlotFlop® sandal. We expect much more in the coming years by way of these patents and other wearable technologies embedded in shoe soles. 

Important Product Facts

ArchPort® is the brand behind the SlotFlop® product. Both are registered trademarks of

SlotFlop® Ventures. Our products are covered under US Patent No. 6,094,844 and US Patent No.D 699,930.

ArchPort® was a 2004 winner of Invent Now America® (skateboard shoe), an event sponsored by the US patent office and Popular Mechanics magazine.   

More than just a brand, ArchPort® is also a concept; it is the idea that the arch area, with its natural shape and form, is an ideal receptacle –or port – for receiving technology and enabling apparel with computing capabilities…today a Smart Card, credit card or identification.